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Video Page

Please keep in mind these videos document the organ in it's "as found" unrestored condition.

Video 1: Danville, VA, May 2011
Here is the first video made of the organ. Some work had to be completed before it would play. It is playing from a Wurlitzer style 165 duplex roll frame.

Video 2: Greenville, NC, September 2013
One of the first videos made once the organ arrived in Greenville, NC. Here the mixture pipes have been turned off. German mixture pipes just don't work with these Wurlitzer arrangements.

Video 3: Greenville, NC, May 2014
This is one of the last videos made before the disassembly of the organ. Here the mixture rank is on. Many is it on! :-) These German mixture ranks were never intended to be used with these type of arrangements but it is what it is.

Video 4: Greenville, NC, December 2014
Here is a video walk around. It’s interesting to view the front of the organ with the façade removed.

Video 5: Greenville, NC, January 2018
The restoration has begun. Here is a time lapse of a few hours of work on the base and floor of the case.